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Data Backup and Recovery


   We have the advanced tools and techniques to recover your data. Whether you accidently deleted a file you shouldn't have or if your hard drive is failing, we can usually get your data back. We partner up with have partnered up the world leader in data recovery, to provide the most reliable and most cost effective data recovery services to you and your business. If you think your data is lost, give us a call and we can probably get it back for you. We can help recover data for you. We are the most effective in data recovery services offering the fastest turn-around time, lowest prices and top-class customer service to clients who have experienced data loss. We use best available technology and employ best engineers in Data Recovery industry. You will be dealing with one of those engineers at all times. You can always visit us to meet those engineers in person.


   We provide Data Recovery Services for all Windows File Systems and Environments including all makes and models of Desktop PC, MAC, Apple, Server, Laptop, Notebook, External Storage Drive, USB, FireWire Hard Drives, CD, CDR, and CDR-W with ISO9660 and Joliet File System created on all major Operating Systems including Windows, MAC, APPLE, Linux, Unix Distributions.


Windows, Macintosh System Environments:

Data Recovery Services Factors:

  • Windows 7/Vista/ 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP; FAT, FAT16, FAT32 & NTFS.
  • Linux Ext2 and Ext3FS File Systems.
  • MAC/APPLE OS System Files.
  • Lost or Corrupted by Windows
  • Hard Drive Boot Problems,


Some of the most common situations are listed below:

  • Windows Failure
  • Virus Attack
  • Boot Failure
  • Deletion of Files
  • OS Not Booting
  • OS Not Found
  • Recycle Bin Recover
  • Software Failure
  • Missing Partitions
  • Formatted
  • FDisk
  • MBR Erased

Here are some of the common Data Recovery Files that request by customers:


  • Personal Files
  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Microsoft Words
  • Excel, Outlook, Outlook Express
  • Outlook Address Book
  • Quickens
  • QuickBooks
  • ACT
  • Netscape Mail
  • Netscape Address Book
  • AutoCAD
  • Internet Explorer Favorites
  • Netscape Bookmarks
  • HTML Files
  • Adobe
  • Music
  • Back-Up Zip Files etc...


Evaluation Fee: 

Please Note:
There will be a 1 hour labor charge ($50 per hour) if you don't know the directories and - or file names or Boot Sector Virus Attack, Boot Failure, Deletion of Files, OS Not Booting, OS Not Found, Recycle Bin Recover, Missing Partitions, Formatted, FDisk, MBR Erased. This fee is for time spent searching for your files or directories.  The most important thing about Data Recovery is to get your valuable Data that can not be replaced (like file(s) or pictures that you create) Program Files and System Files can always be replaced by reinstalling the Software.


·  Hard Drive must turn on & be recognized by the BIOS.

·  Hard Drive does not have a physical problem (clicking noise).

· You must have all directories or file(s) name with you.

· No Encrypted Files.

·  Desktop IDE 40 Pin (5", 3.5") or Laptop 44 Pin (2.5")

·  Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP for Fat, Fat32 & NTFS.


0-2TB Gig Hard Drive Data Transfer

If your Computer is not working or have an operating system failure;  i.e. Windows is not starting. Assumes files are incorrupt and the Hard Drive is ok and there are no bad Sectors or damage Partitions, then you don't need to go through our data recovery services. You only need a data transfer, plus cost of media (CD, HDD, Zip Disk, HDD Rental Available).

 $35=1GB or Less



 $150=31-150 GB

Rush Priority Service (Within 24 - 48 Hours)

 $35 per Drive

SCSI Drive Fee

 $50 per Drive

Drive Removal / Reinstallation Fee

 $35 per Drive

Software Support After Data Recovery

 $50 per Hour

CD Data Recovery

 $70 per CD

Data Recovery Rates  

0-9 Gig Hard Drive Data Recovery


10-19 Gig Hard Drive Data Recovery


20-29 Gig Hard Drive Data Recovery


30-39 Gig Hard Drive Data Recovery


40-59 Gig Hard Drive Data Recovery


60-79 Gig Hard Drive Data Recovery


80-119 Gig Hard Drive Data Recovery


120-159 Gig Hard Drive Data Recovery


160-179 Gig Hard Drive Data Recovery


180-200+ Gig Hard Drive Data Recovery 

 $Please Call

Price and Services Quoted May Be Changed Without Notice.


 Thank you for visiting...

We Service All Brands

We Service All Brands!

Computer Problems:

  • Computer Crashed

  • Data Corrupted

  • Data Disappeared

  • Internet Problem

  • Virus, Spy-ware

  • Pop-up, Freeze

  • Old, Slow

  • Not Working, etc

We fix them all!

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