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Custom Built Computers


   There are many reasons to have a custom built computer as opposed to be a commercially built system.

¨ To determine what one wants and needs in regard to quality, price, and availability;
¨ To make a machine customized for your exact needs
¨ To recycle an older system, or to upgrade to a more modern motherboard, video card, CPU, and RAM;
¨ To have a high end machine for gaming, multimedia, or other demanding tasks;
¨ Avoiding the advertising links, trial software, and other commission-driven additions and modifications that increasingly are made to mass-market computers prior to their being shipped; and
¨ being able to make modifications to the original build at a later date with little hassle.

   We customize the best built computer for all residential (gamer), home office, and business users. We dedicated to providing custom built computer to fit your need. We are a service  facility with highly trained technicians and fully qualified to fix any computers problems. We bring the latest information technology to the customers. It has always been our philosophy to offer the best services and the finest products at the lowest prices possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Your satisfaction is our GUARANTEE.

"No job is too small or too big for us."

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We Service All Brands

We Service All Brands!

Computer Problems:

  • Computer Crashed

  • Data Corrupted

  • Data Disappeared

  • Internet Problem

  • Virus, Spy-ware

  • Pop-up, Freeze

  • Old, Slow

  • Not Working, etc

We fix them all!

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